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Who we work with


We aim to build long term relationships with individuals of all ages who are committed to achieving their financial aspirations.

Working with a range of client’s, from those just starting out on their chosen career path to retired professionals – we feel that all ages can benefit from a co-ordinated financial and investment plan.

If you are looking for high quality professional advice that will give you peace of mind and the satisfaction of achieving your long term wealth objectives, Financial Planning Wales has the relevant skills and knowledge to help.


We apply the same guiding principles when working with Companies and their Senior Management; our team has many years experience in providing advice to businesses.

Our aim is to help ensure that the hard work that went into making your business successful can benefit from the identification of key financial planning issues at an early stage.

Taking the right direction when it comes to areas such as Pension Planning, Investment of Company monies, Keyman Insurance and Shareholder Protection means that you can concentrate on the day to day management of your business.

Professional connections

We are always seeking to develop and expand our working relationships with other professional connections, primarily Solicitors and Accountants.

Our comprehensive approach to planning invariably requires us to recommend clients to seek the advice of other professionals regarding Accountancy and Legal matters.

With a policy of developing long term partnerships it is vitally important to us that we identify like-minded firms that we can confidently recommend to our clients.

My advisor completely understands my investment goals and attitude to risk, he is very approachable and available and promptly researches any new investment approaches I enquire about.

- Allen

EST. 1999