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Your Life. Your finances.

We’re one of the few chartered financial planners in Wales. This means you can trust our professional, well-researched, independent financial advice.

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Welcome to Financial Planning Wales.

Are you at the stage in your life where you are looking to take control of your finances and the wealth you have worked hard to accumulate?

Are you established in your chosen career and want to adopt a co‑ordinated strategy to help create wealth?

Do you want to work with skilled professionals committed to building successful long-term partnerships to achieve your financial objectives and aspirations?

Financial Planning Wales has a long history of helping people do just that, because we see you as partners – not just clients.

This is what you can expect:

  • Investing your trust with us means we will invest our time and skills in your future.
  • We will offer you an insight into our planning and investment process.
  • Enhance your understanding of our complex financial world and the effect it can have on your wealth.
  • Help you make smart decisions to avoid the investment pitfalls that can cost you money.

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