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Market Barometer October

October 15th 2021 – Written by Andrew Chorley

Over the last few years we have provided you with regular updates on investment and financial news in a number of different formats; whilst we hope you find these interesting we are conscious that we don’t want to cause information overload!

Moving forwards we will be sending brief weekly emails highlighting some of the interest facts and events that we look at on a regular basis; these will also be posted on our website. In addition to this we will be sending a quarterly presentation via email that while being a lot more detailed we hope is informative and interesting.

Our main objective in sending these details is to provide you with an insight into our process and highlight factors that could be important to how investments perform in the future; as always we hope these updates help you to “stay in touch” with your capital and understand the approach we are recommending.

The first in our series is The Market Barometer – click on the link for what we hope will be an interesting read!



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