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Our news section providers our views and outlook on current financial and investment issues

Fund In Focus

October 22th 2021

This week we take a close look at Blackrock Energy & Resources Trust - a fund that we have supported in recent years and we think is well placed…

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Market Barometer

October 15th 2021

Over the last few years we have provided you with regular updates on investment and financial news in a number of different formats; whilst we hope…

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Investment Process

August 5th 2021

If you want to learn more about our investment process click on the graphic below to view our most recent publication.

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Bullish Signs for Gold

April 29th 2021

Gold Prices are pretty closely correlated to US real interest rates - with inflation rising fast negative real yields would be positive for Gold…

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Back Testing - April Newsletter

April 15th 2021

To view the presentation simply click on the picture below!  

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ISAs - How they can help in wealth creation

March 26th 2021

ISAs – How they can help in wealth creation. The much-loved Individual Savings Account or ISA was introduced to UK residents in April 1999…

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February Newsletter

March 8th 2021

In the second edition of our updated Newsletter we talk Bonds, Bitcoin, and Budget! Take a closer look at Hedge Funds and highlight some recent…

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Everybody Is Talking About Bitcoin!

March 4th 2021

There has been a lot of attention regarding Bitcoin and other crypto currencies over the last few months; it seems like every other social media post…

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Newsletter 2.0

February 2th 2021

Hot off the press is January's Newsletter in its new format - we hope you enjoy it!   

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Interesting Press Article - The Times

February 1th 2021

Interesting article from The Times highlighting the value of advice and what you should look for  The Times - Catastrophic failures left us…

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Inflation: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

January 8th 2021

Inflation: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde     Inflation, in Ed Easterling’s Unexpected Returns, is described as being as two-faced as Dr…

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If you want to learn more about finance and investing our education section provides access to our analysis and help you to interpret the complex financial World

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