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Understanding Risk & Return

May 1th 2020 – Written by Andrew Chorley

Starting the discussion…

Investing is for the long term and it has many twists and turns; one month you can be at multi-year highs then the next month an event (insert here pandemic, terrorism, war, etc) changes sentiment completely and hard earned gains can be wiped out. Consistently making real returns from investment is one of the most challenging endeavours that you can undertake because of all the factors that need to be considered and play a part in shaping profits and losses.

During our time away from the office we have been thinking a lot about how we can improve how we assess our clients attitude to risk; we believe that the starting point is helping everyone to better understand financial markets, what drives them and what affects their direction. This is highlighted in our Report - Understanding Risk & Return which is saved in the Downloads section of our News and Education page.

Over the coming months we hope to return to some sort of normality and during this time we will be providing a number of presentations that are hopefully both interesting and informative; using these to generate debate and discussion between us with the aim of improving outcomes and helping you achieve your objectives.

We hope you and all your family, friends and colleagues are keeping well and that we will see you soon.

Any questions, thoughts or opinions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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