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Financial Planning Wales - Services we provide

November 25th 2020 – Written by Jonathan Chorley

Financial Planning Wales – Services we provide

As an organisation we have been helping clients to achieve their financial aspirations and enhance their understanding of their own finances and the financial world for over thirty years; Financial Planning Wales was incorporated in 1999 to continue the firms development.

Financial planning encompasses many facets of the financial world and everyday life; drawing these together and understanding their interaction is vital to achieving successful outcomes for clients. The sections below highlight just a few of the areas that we have to consider when advising clients; whilst we look at these in detail none are mutually exclusive and all are considered in our advice process.

Investment Management

Our objective is to ensure that your Wealth is prudently managed and to help you develop your understanding of the complex financial and investment world that we live in, giving you the confidence to take control of your finances.

To achieve this objective, we have developed a robust investment process that aims to generate a reasonable rate of return whilst maintaining a tight grip on risk management. By owning a combination of assets and following different return strategies we strive to create a Portfolio that can deal with a variety of scenarios and investment environments.

The first steps in this process include taking the time to reflect on what is important to you, obtaining a clear picture of your overall circumstances and discussing your experience of investment.

Once we have agreed upon an Investment Strategy, we will review this regularly to track its progress and to ensure it remains appropriate for your requirements.

Investing your trust with us means we will invest our time and skills in your future.  

Planning for Retirement

Individual’s expectations of what retirement ‘looks like’ differ considerably, particularly in respect of the age you would like to retire and what a comfortable lifestyle in retirement may be.

Our experienced Financial Planners are well qualified to create a Financial Plan that is specific to your needs and helps you to navigate your journey to Retirement and beyond.

Whether you are at the beginning of the retirement planning process; approaching retirement with assets in place; or managing your existing assets in retirements, our Services can help you to meet your objectives.

We will obtain a clear picture of your circumstances and look to draw together all these components to help you meet your goals – retirement planning is not just about a pension.

Whatever stage of life you are at reviewing your plan on a regular basis is crucial; life is not linear and needs and objectives change over time and it is vital that we are able to adapt strategies to keep you on target to meet your goals

Estate Planning

The transition of wealth from one generation to the next is particularly complex and requires the consideration of other factors. Whilst the tax efficient distribution of financial assets to family or charities during or after your lifetime may be important to you, the funding of your retirement and the potential need to make provision for long-term care also require further thought.

Our first steps in creating an appropriate strategy, identifying the potential Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability before seeking to find a solution that takes into account your family circumstances and preferences. Typically, we will work alongside trusted professionals such as Solicitors and Accountants to ensure that these goals can be achieved and you have peace of mind.

Our Financial Planners have both undertaken Advanced Qualifications in this area and are well qualified to meet the high standards of service we seek to provide.

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