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FPW Christmas Carol

December 17th 2020

FPW Christmas Carol  Whilst we have no plans for a “Zoom” nativity play, with virtual mince pies and mulled wine, as the festive…

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The Humble Checklist

December 11th 2020

The Humble Checklist In 1935 the US Army Air Corps held a competition for the next generation long range bomber; Boeing’s Model 229 was the…

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December's Agenda and Gold

December 3th 2020

December’s Agenda As we move into the Festive Season, we would like to make you aware of our plans for December and early January 2021…

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Financial Planning Wales - Services we provide

November 25th 2020

Financial Planning Wales – Services we provide As an organisation we have been helping clients to achieve their financial aspirations and…

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Who we work with - Solicitors

November 19th 2020

Who we work with – Solicitors In last week’s Round Up, we discussed the role that Financial Planners and Accountants can play in…

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Who we work with - Accountants

November 12th 2020

Who we work with – Accountants As a firm we are keen to promote the benefits of the coordination of strategy and planning with other…

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The death of value has been greatly exaggerated

November 6th 2020

The death of value has been greatly exaggerated Value stocks tend to trade at a lower price relative to their fundamentals, such as dividends,…

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Information Website

October 30th 2020

Information Website  Over the last few years we have noticed that the number of websites or publications that exist regarding investment have…

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Welsh Government's Announcement and Fraud Warning

October 23th 2020

Welsh Government's Announcement As you will no doubt be aware, for at least the next two weeks in Wales we will see tighter restrictions and advice…

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Where we add value & Important Reminder

October 16th 2020

Where we add value When demonstrating the value of financial advice, it is all too easy to focus on the quantitative; after all the only…

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Higher Education Costs - How can you help?

October 9th 2020

Higher Education Costs - How can you help? Research published by the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) revealed that the average student now…

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Annual Review

October 2th 2020

Annual Review Completing regular reviews for clients is crucial to helping us ensure that they remain on track to meet their financial objectives…

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October's Agenda

September 25th 2020

October’s Agenda   Instead of providing another example of Investment Bubbles this week, we would like to look forward to October and…

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Bubbles & NASDAQ 100

September 18th 2020

Bubbles & NASDAQ 100  The last few weeks we have been looking at investment bubbles – this week two graphs and not many words! The US…

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Bubbles in History & Japan's Lost Decade

September 11th 2020

Bubbles in History – Japan’s Lost Decade We continue our study of asset & investment bubbles in history with Japan’s…

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Bubbles in History & Tulipmania

September 4th 2020

Bubbles in History & Tulipmania This month we will look at some of the most infamous investment bubbles in history. In Niall Ferguson’s…

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Technical Analysis

August 28th 2020

Technical Analysis Investment is all about opinion; take shares for example, an investor who thinks something is a good investment buys it but at…

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Chartered Financial Planners

August 19th 2020

Chartered Financial Planners In September, Financial Planning Wales will celebrate our tenth anniversary as Chartered Financial Planners. Every…

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Asset Allocation Notes

August 17th 2020

Asset Allocation Notes Every week we collate information from sources that we trust regarding investments, asset allocation and the economy to help…

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Investment Trusts - Discounts and Premiums

August 6th 2020

Investment Trusts – Discounts and Premiums We are big fans of using Investment Trusts and the main reason for this is that they are structured…

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Is Stagflation round the corner?

July 31th 2020

Is Stagflation round the corner? A recent paper written by Jaravel and O’Connell for the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) found that there…

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Protection and Estate Planning

July 24th 2020

Protection and Estate Planning In last week’s Round up we discussed the role that Protection can play in securing a family’s financial…

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Valuing Protection

July 16th 2020

Valuing Protection We can confidently say that 2020 has demonstrated that we can never be sure what’s waiting for us round the next corner;…

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What to do about the Triple Lock

July 3th 2020

What to do about the Triple Lock? The State Pension is increased each year by the Triple Lock, which is either by inflation (CPI), the rise in…

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Economic Summary

June 26th 2020

UK Economic Summary  The following is a summary of the UK Economic data we collect and review on a regular basis. The devastation wrought by…

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Office re-opening & Cloned Firm Notification

June 19th 2020

Office re-opening The Newport office has re-opened and office hours of 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday will resume from Monday 22nd June. The…

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Silver Set to Shine?

June 11th 2020

Did you know that like Gold, Silver is often thought of a monetary unit but sometimes also an industrial metal? Although the advent of digital…

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Stress Test

June 5th 2020

Following on from our presentation on risk and return this week we look at how we can learn from history and stress test portfolios to see them at…

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FPW and Protecting your information

May 29th 2020

FPW and Protecting your information The tactics used by scammers and fraudsters have become increasingly sophisticated. According to Action Fraud,…

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Inheritance Tax & Taper Relief

May 22th 2020

Inheritance Tax & Taper Relief Taper relief and its role in Estate Planning can often add confusion in how it works and when it applies. Taper…

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Understanding Risk & Return - Updated Presentation

May 18th 2020

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The Little Used Exemption with Big Potential Benefits

May 14th 2020

The Inheritance Tax, normal expenditure out of income exemption is often forgotten when it comes to Inheritance Tax but it has big potential uses and…

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Reviewing our strategy

May 8th 2020

In this week’s update we look back to one of our publications from January 2019 – Annual Report 2018 and Beyond -  where we set out…

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Understanding Risk & Return

May 1th 2020

Starting the discussion… Investing is for the long term and it has many twists and turns; one month you can be at multi-year highs then the…

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Inflation Linked Bonds

April 24th 2020

Last week, Andrew highlighted the benefits of holding Gold particularly given the expansion of Government Debt, negative real interest rates and…

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Gold Set to Shine?

April 17th 2020

We posted the chart across a while back and thought it would be useful to provide an update; the three year change in the price of Gold divided…

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Are We There Yet?

April 10th 2020

Are We There Yet? Most of us will have heard, or know of, this question from children that is usually asked about ten minutes into a journey that…

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Housekeeping for 2020/21

April 3th 2020

Housekeeping for 2020/21 We have experienced an extremely turbulent end to the 2019/20 tax year and last week’s Round Up - All Possible…

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All Possible Futures...

March 27th 2020

All Possible Futures…   The World has become a very different place in a matter of weeks and we are all worried about what the future…

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Important Information & Weekly Update

March 20th 2020

Important Information We will be sending information electronically now wherever possible and have invested in software that makes all email…

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Bear Markets

March 13th 2020

Bear Markets  At the time of writing we expect that the Government will move to the next stage of there plans for dealing with COVID-19 and…

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Black Swan Events & Coronavirus

March 9th 2020

Black Swan Events Following the recent market volatility brought about because of the COVID-19 outbreak and today’s collapsing Oil price, we…

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February 28th 2020

Update Our intention this month had been to focus on pension planning; however, given the effect that Coronavirus is having on World Stock Markets…

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Pensions and Estate Planning

February 21th 2020

Pensions and Estate Planning Since the Pension Freedom reforms of 2015, Defined Contribution or Money Purchase Pensions have become a key Estate…

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Retirement Planning - A Quick Estimate

February 14th 2020

Retirement Planning – A Quick Estimate How much do I need to retire? This is one of the most difficult questions that we face, there are so…

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Financial Planning Wales origin and development

February 1th 2020

Financial Planning Wales origin and development In 1979 when Alan decided to focus on personal aspects of insurance and investment he joined Sun…

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Meet the Team - Jonathan Chorley

January 24th 2020

Meet the Team  Jonathan Chorley, Financial Adviser, is in this week's 'Meet the Team' feature. Since joining Financial Planning Wales (FPW) in…

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Meet the Team - Alan Coombs

January 17th 2020

Meet the Team - Alan Coombs Alan Coombs, the Chairman and Founder of Financial Planning Wales, is in this week's 'Meet the Team' feature. After…

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Meet the Team - Andrew Chorley

January 10th 2020

Meet the Team Our 'Meet the Team' feature will, over the coming weeks, introduce the people behind Financial Planning Wales and offer some…

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