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Highs & Lows

November 16th 2018

We spend a lot of time analysing our decisions and whether we can improve on how we deal with similar scenarios in the future; building principles…

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Diary of an Adviser

November 14th 2018

Diary of an Adviser  We were contacted earlier this month by FTAdviser, who asked that we provide an insight into the Financial Planning Wales…

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A new look for Financial Planning Wales

May 18th 2018

All change! Over the coming weeks we will be making a few changes to our stationary and website; if you have received any correspondence in the post…

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Anticipating Rate Rises

May 11th 2018

As we entered 2018 there was lots of talk that the Bank of England was planning to raise Interest Rates through the year; as a result the yield on 10…

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Information Overload

May 4th 2018

Less is more! In the complex World that we live in things haven’t worked out quite as many thought a couple of decades ago; the personal or…

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Safe Withdrawal Rate

April 27th 2018

The Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR) was developed by William Bengen, a US based financial planner and is a method that US retirees use to determine how…

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Market Conditions

April 19th 2018

Two weeks ago we wrote to you regarding market conditions and the reasons for our current defensive view. To recommend allocating a large amount of a…

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New Tax Year Update

April 13th 2018

The new tax year has afforded the following changes – Income Tax The personal allowance has increased to £11,850 and the basic rate tax…

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Market Commentary

April 6th 2018

Increasing Concerns After a break for Bank Holiday we have been reviewing market conditions and become increasingly concerned that we are now in…

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Spring Statement

March 23th 2018

Budget In Autumn 2016 it was announced that the UK was moving to Autumn Budgets; so after two Budgets last year this year we get a Spring Statement…

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Rising Rates

March 16th 2018

Interest Rate Rises As you know interest rates are at a multi-year lows with the yield on 10 Year Gilts at less than 1.5%; up from their 2016 low of…

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Inflation Protection

March 9th 2018

TIPS better than Linkers? In the UK we have Index Linked Gilts (also called) Linkers, this is debt issued by the Government with their value and…

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